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System 2100

Friis & Moltke

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System 2100

System 2100 is a functional and flexible modular system that can be put together in countless ways to achieve the desired combination, depending on the room and function required. The sofa's construction ensures high seating comfort and durability with easy maintenance. System 2100 has a simple and graphic design language that emphasizes the function and architecture of the room.

System 2100 consists of metal base frames in four different sizes that can be combined in a variety of ways - whether you need a chair, a sofa or larger complex solutions with beautiful curves. A table can also be added between the seats or as an elegant finishing touch.
Friis & Moltke emphasizes simple and clear shapes and the use of low-maintenance materials to create functional furniture with a long lifespan. Wholeness and the connection between form and function are essential in their design philosophy.

System 2100 offers endless possibilities. The flexible furniture system can be customized as needed and include open benches or XL seats. The extra-wide seats create a sense of calm and exclusivity. The system can be expanded to add more seating or adapted to a new modular composition if needs change.

System 2100 is particularly suitable for the project market, where architects can benefit from integrating it into hospitals, hotels, waiting rooms, lobbies and similar environments.


Friis & Moltke

Mikkel Bahr, industrial designer and architect, is the Head of Design Department at Friis & Moltke Architects. He is responsible for the design of System 2100, which was developed in 2013 and introduced to the market in 2014. System 2100 was created in collaboration with Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik and is now part of the furniture collection at BM1837.

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System 2100

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